After a long radio silence, today I’ll share a few knitting projects that I completed.

I would also like to talk about art that I bought, but that’ll be for another time.

In my last posts I talked about getting things done, so this one is a follow up.

Nurmilintu (Little Bird Lullaby) shawl

After a long debating, the shawl was completed with the border as per pattern. The funny thing when I got down to work I discovered that all it needed was the last lace rows and bind off. So all the mulling over what yarn to use in case I ran out was for nothing! In fact, there is some left over. There you go…

I don’t have a blocking board to stretch the shawl so it’s not blocked. In my usual freestyle, it went straight to wearing when I needed something lightweight to add some warmth recently. I’m wearing it today too, and here are some crappy photos to prove it:

If you’re very impressed by my shawl (yawn), you can find the project notes here….

Leg warmers (Flashdance?)

Working from home in winter required added layers to keep warm, and this pair of 1980s style leg warmers were the result.

Made from stash yarn of pure wool tweed with a funky wool/mohair/nylon mix yarn. Flashdance leg warmers project notes.

Rib cashmere scarf

This one is another of those projects that had been in the making forever.

Made from vintage stash yarn (I purchased the yarn in another life, when I was still living in Italy), some pure cashmere that was reduced to clear. The yarn has been through a few reincarnations, until it became this scarf.

The scarf is deliciously light and warm, a delight to wear! As a bonus, it perfectly pairs with my brown tartan coat. Life is wonderful!

I created a project in ravelry but am not sharing as there’s really not much there yet. Let me see if I can unearth some image of it. (don’t hold your breath) I had none – so I just snapped a few..

Let There Be Peace (In Stillness) jumper

The sweater has finally come back from the limbo and the first sleeve has seen some progress. To be honest, it mostly stalled as I needed to order DPNS in the right size, then life got in the way, as it happens.

I’m now working through the decreases and am half way down the section. Enjoy some awful night pictures:

On a totally unrelated note, we bought a beautiful vintage wardrobe!

Time to go out for a walk… talk soon!

19 thoughts on “Done

  1. Julia says:

    It all looks great – congratulations on the finishes!! The sweater will look so good on you, the colours suits you so well. Also – WOOT for the fact that the shawl was ALMOST done and you found that it wasn’t necessary to add another yarn. 🙂 I’m super happy for you.

  2. kathyreeves says:

    Hat a lovely batch of finishes and some great progress on your sweater too. That cashmere looks just squishy!

  3. Wow, that is a lot! I love, LOVE that leg warmers have come back. 🙂

  4. jonpip says:

    Hi Judith. Your ‘little bird’ shawl reminded me of this. Have a good Thursday and keep up the good work!

  5. Without question I love your knitting and the colors you use. I only wish I had learned the craft. I crocheted for many years but gave it up with too many other hobbies. That vintage dresser is quite the find! I love it. Wish I could find something like that here. Now I’m on a mission. 😉

    • itwasjudith says:

      Thank you!!!
      My colour palette is usually quite “low key”. Some of the pieces are simple to knit, like the scarf and the leg warmers.
      I’m sure you have other interesting hobbies, like reading or sewing.
      The wardrobe was quite the accidental find to be honest. I stumble upon it when I was looking at the unsold items from an auction 🙂 Glad we found it, because it’s nice, it’s vintage (so no new resources have been used), and it was not that expensive. And it’s actual wood, not the cheap laminate you find nowadays.
      Thanks for your visit and have a nice day 🙂

      • I hear you on the real wood and not more resources being used. I’m giving my son and his wife a dresser that is all oak and cedar lined because it’s too long for my tiny place. Hopefully, I’ll find something comparable that is tall and narrower. I seem not to get notifications of your posts and I apologize for not stopping in sooner. Keep up that beautiful knitting.

      • itwasjudith says:

        I write quite seldom anyway 😉 so no rush is needed to visit. It’s not a job!

        your son is lucky to have received a quality piece !
        I really hope you will find a suitable wardrobe for your space 🙂
        Hugs 🤗

      • You will probably hear about it if I do. 😉

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