Sun & flowers

Given the season’s weather (for those in the part of the world around the UK), I thought to add some colourful and bright photos…

In my yesterday’s post on jam and food waste I was showing the refurbished balcony in Austria – it did look a bit barren! The photos were taken just after the company finished working on the wooden structure that had to be replaced as the old was completely falling apart.

This time I’m showing some pictures – nothing special but at least there is bright sun light and flowers – of the balcony after the addition of some small plants.

Actually, the tallish green on the side of the balcony is now gone – someone stole it (all of the plants, vase and vase-holder)… unbelievable!

The blue-purple flowers are particularly loved by bees – a good bee-friendly way to add colour to one’s “garden”. They are called Aster (“Aster dumosus Sapphire”). Notice the bee in the photos below (yay):

And finally, a plant I had for ages and bloomed just before my arrive (isn’t that nice?)