I found myself at a stalling point as I’ve been overthinking how to knit the lace border for my Nurmilintu (Little Bird Lullaby) shawl. Finally I have a plan.

Nurmilintu (Little Bird Lullaby) shawl

In the grand scheme of things, the way I finish a shawl is of infinitesimal importance, so I decided to just get on and finish it, one way or another (remember, “the cult of done”). I allow myself one more week to get this done, which should be more than enough. Not sure whether I’ll block it or when, as I don’t have a suitably large mat for it.

The original yarn, the fabulous Dragonfly shade of Dazzle by The Natural Dye Studio, is surely not enough to complete the three repeats in the lace section and that wool is sadly no longer produced. Shame because:

“Dazzle is an unbelievably soft wool, with an amazing sheen and really is “the Best of British”! This gorgeous yarn comes from pedigree British Blue faced Leicester sheep which is spun and then dyed by us here in the UK.”

One option would have been to use another yarn in three similar shades, but they are quite less intense and the texture is more sheepy, so they might not work well together. You can see the details in this post. What do you think?

Another option was to knit a different border.

Finally, I decided to call it a day: proceed with the original border, using the original yarn by making only one repeat in the section. Hopefully I will just have enough and I’ve not just put myself into more trouble! Living dangerously.

So finished object #2 is going to be the Nurmilintu shawl. Hold me accountable.

Leg warmers

On the background I’ve been working on a pair of leg warmers, perfect for the cold season and working from home: more layering, warmer, less heating used. I’m currently using some leg warmers I knit ages ago, but it’ll be nice to have another pair.

I just realised I never blogged them when finished.. these are the old ones:

and these are the new in-the-making ones:

While ago I made knee warmers for my elder father in alpaca yarn. The yarn is really warm, soft and nice, but it has very little “memory” (it will not bounce back as alpaca has little elastic properties), ending up not staying properly in place. I just had the idea to repurpose them as leg warmers too!

It’s nice to have woolly, own-made accessories to keep warm – a relatively green option to reduce heating costs.

“relatively green” because it depends on the materials used (natural wool vs synthetic yarn), their sourcing (local vs produced across the globe with huge mileage footprint) and producing techniques (more or less environmentally friendly).

I often buy vintage wool yarn (you can find plenty of unused vintage yarn on sale), so the yarn is from already used resources rather than using up new resources. Or vintage fabrics. Do you use vintage or upcycled supplies? What projects you made with them?

4 thoughts on “Impasse

  1. Good call on the way to get it done. I do love the colors. Don’t think I’ve ever used leg warmers but have used cable knit stockings when they were available. Usually for under dresses. Gosh, that was a long time ago! I do like your leg warmers though. I need to go finish something today too. Sigh…

    • itwasjudith says:

      Gather your will and get it done.. then it’ll be off your mind and away 🙂
      I had a pair of Austrian folk cabled long socks made while ago, they are very nice to keep warm – sadly I didn’t have a suitable pure wool yarn back at the time, so they’re not as cosy as they could have been. Still comfy though!
      I remember I used to wear leg warmers back in the 80s when they were fashionable. I feel like wearing them again – if only I could shed a size or two 😉

  2. Julia says:

    congratulations – you’re on a roll! Regarding the Nurmilintu, I would have done what you are doing now – shortening one of the middle sections and then just using the whole skein. My fingers are crossed for you!!
    The leg warmers sound like a cool project. I somehow never wear any (or leggins), but I have dug out my arm warmers and they are the best!! I really might make myself another pair.

    • itwasjudith says:

      thank you Julia!
      I think layering is the new cool 🙂 it definitely helps with keeping warm at home and it’s gentler on the environment. You should definitely go for another pair of arm warmers – very handy when working at the computer. Maybe you could even use a “happy” shade to lift spirits in grey days.
      PS I just discovered that I actually already knitted all of the three lace repeats and thus only needing the bind-off row! yay 🙂 Yarn should be enough (drucke mir die daunen)

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