Busy times

Most of last weekend was dedicated to picking items from my vintage collection to pass on to the next vintage enthusiasts (that is, listing them for sale on my Etsy shop VforVintageLondon).


It’s always hard to part with things you picked and liked, but it’s not possible to keep it all… so let’s spread the love.

And there are more little treasures (at least to me) that have been photographed, waiting to be added…

But there’s no rest ahead!

This Saturday I’m hand delivering a thing of beauty: an old mannequin head that I sadly have to let go (sigh, my heart is aching, now I’m having second thoughts, third even, “I might change my mind”).


And Sunday I’m again at the Alternative Sale with vintage jewellery, handmade upcycled wooden boxes and quirky items (which there is no shortage of).


As a reward for my work, I ordered these old beauties…





(Can I still change my mind?)

12 thoughts on “Busy times

  1. Well done you for getting so much listed! Love that Delphine plate. And that mannequin head is fabulous. She looks like she’s thinking “Please, darling don’t worry about me.” Glad you got yourself some nice things too. 🙂 – Karen

    • itwasjudith says:

      Thank you for visiting 🙂
      I’m still thinking about that mannequin…. I just tried some vintage jewellery on her and fits perfectly…. we shall see 😉
      Do you ever have second thoughts??
      I ❤ your brutalist candelabra and the Swedish candleholder

  2. I so understand how hard it is to let go of things but when you let go, you make room for something new and better. I’ve been letting go of so much myself but trying hard not to bring anything new in. You have some wonderful stuff there. I love vintage and antique.

    • itwasjudith says:

      Thank you for your kind words of support 🙂
      You’re so very right!
      Once I was reading about hoarding and apparently there is some relation with people needing some form of reassurance, possibly following a difficult childhood… Not that I’m hoarding 😉
      We’re rather complex animals 🙂
      Sending you my best wishes and virtual hugs

      • Having a lot of stuff is so different than hoarding. I’ve argue the case many times.. If you are willing to share, sell or part at any time with things, you are not a hoarder. You are creative! Big difference. Thank you for the good wishes and hugs. Back to you in kind.

      • itwasjudith says:

        You made a correct observation – while in common language we often use the word hoarder in a light manner as a synonym of someone who has (too) many things, it is not the same as hoarding, which is a condition. Apologies for using the word incorrectly 🙂
        In my case, I bring (many) things in, but I’m willing to part with some of them – what I need to master is to keep the in/out in balance.

      • No apologies necessary. I hated the thought of someone accusing you of hoarding. I have a sign on my car license frame that says “creative minds are never tidy” We have our priorities but you are correct. Balance is essential. I’ve been gifting so much of my creative material to help with focused attention, I tend to be all over the map with too many hobbies. More is still going out. Almost nothing is coming in unless it’s a gift for someone else.

      • itwasjudith says:

        Based on your car license sign, I’m surely a creative person 😉
        But a bit more balance and focus can also be beneficial, as it gives more space for one’s mind and thoughts without too much surrounding noise. So, on I go with my attempts at sorting things out a bit 🙂
        It’s hard, but needs doing
        I hope your work will eventually make you feel more in balance ❤

  3. Going Batty in Wales says:

    I do admire you for parting with stuff! I am in the throes of a much needed de-clutter but finding it hard to do. I keep putting things in boxes in the loft ‘just in case’ and can only actually part with them when they have been there several years! Even then if I open and go through the box I remind myself of their existennce and struggle again! Everything seems to have a story attached or remind me of someone.

    • itwasjudith says:

      I completely understand what you mean and how you feel. I found it easier to let things go if I do it in bits – it’s hard to do it in large chunks, unless it must be. So now I try, anytime I have time and energies, to address some part/small pile/corner. The idea is that it gets gradually better. Doing it in smaller steps helped me to get on with it – it will take a long time but there is hope 🙂

  4. tialys says:

    I could open my house as a shop! Some things just never get listed because I buy things I like and, therefore, find them hard to part with. The answer, I suppose, is to buy things I don’t much like but know other people will 🙃

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