Letting it go

I’ve been steadily going through my belongings and sorting out my collections and generally “my stuff”.

This was prompted by wanting to “put some order” and moving some things into storage. I own quite a few beloved collections and finally decided to let part of these go.

Some items have been donated and others have been listed already, which feels good!

Here a few that have been or are looking for a new loving owner..

Original vintage sewing bust mannequin SUPAFIT Made in England with adjustable sizing. The vintage picture in the background is also being listed. (sold)


Beautiful flowerspray in white & blue jug still life composition

Lovely flowers and shades, from a Russian painter

The hues and motif is cheerful and peaceful, so I’m enjoying it on my wall until a new loving owner is found.


This antique 1930s British BSA bicycle has found a new home with a dad and son working on a restore project. They came all the way from a rather distant city to collect it! I would have loved to restore it, but enough time was not at hand….

After going through various thoughts and feelings, I am now ready to share the love – I will part with a sizeable part of my collections. It’s time to travel a bit lighter.

There will be:

  • extensive collection of old patterns and magazines (knitting, crochet, sewing and crafts), antique cards & ephemera
  • vintage jewellery
  • antique books
  • old items in silver and gold (flatware, home decor, table dressing, jewellery)
  • vintage and antique paintings, china, tins and boxes
  • quirk finds

I’m currently organising the items and this will take time. More beloved finds will be slowly listed over the coming months. It takes time to take photos and write descriptions 😉

Please get in touch should you be interested in some of these, I can provide details in advance, as well as quotes. I can ship to the UK and internationally.

My current listings can be seen here:


6 thoughts on “Letting it go

  1. Julia says:

    This is very smart – I have been looking around our flat during the last few months, thinking: “I need less things …” I already got rid of clothes I don’t wear any more, and books I won’t read, but there is always some area that you could improve. Good luck with oyur sales! 🙂

  2. I just gave away thousands of dollars worth of stuff because I could not sell it from here. Etsy wants a fee and if I sell nothing, how will I pay the fee? I really don’t know how it works. I’ve been offloading for months and even years and would certainly like to get a small return on some of what I spent and no longer need. But at least it’s no longer languishing under beds, in closets or storage facilities. I hope you sell everything you have listed.

    • itwasjudith says:

      I’m sorry to hear that selling online didn’t work very well.. Yes, Etsy charges a fee for each listing for the duration of 4 months. As far as i know eBay is free listing for private sellers (at least it is for the UK) – they then charge a fee on the selling price, the postage and the payment. There are a few other near-free options (Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace). The problem is that listing requires time and energies – it’s not an easy task as one would think.
      And selling also takes time – items do not sell immediately, sometimes they do not sell. We shall see.
      I hope you feel lighter now, even though disappointed for the economic loss.
      Hugs and best wishes xx

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