Thistle (WIP) and new project?

Another repeat in the lace section of the Thistle scarf was completed in the wee hours last night.

Thistle scarf: 2 lace repeats done, 5 to go

Thistle scarf: 2 lace repeats done, 5 to go

The lace knitting is going fairly well and no major accidents occurred so far – just some minor unravelling here and there. The pattern is not exactly easy with its 28-row repeat and requires concentration.

I’m pondering whether to begin another item of a different sort, something that would suit better for those times when attention may not be at hand. It could be some geeky knitting (a fractal shawl, a Klein Bottle hat), or a Kate Davies’ pattern (Sontag, for example), or some quick and easy knit… Is this the beginning of a startitis?

Fractal shawl: The Sierpinski Gasket Shawl

Fractal shawl – Original photo of Miss Julia Sett wearing her shawl (source:

What projects are you working on? How many ongoing items do you usually have?