wee update

I’ve been busy with uni-related stuff lately, so no knitting happened. But I did look at knitting and yarns… in fact, the number of favourites and items in my raverly queue has grown out of proportion!

A little overview on what I’ve been up to:


I’ve completed my Lazy Sunday market bag, included a strawberry ribbon and crocheted extra hanging leaves. I just have to saw the leaves in. I’ll include the details in a future post, once I have the FO pics. Meanwhile, if curious, you can have a sneaky look at my raverly project (no raverly log in should be needed).


…an ever growing list! Currently, I faved over 200 patterns and in total over 300 things including projects and designers. The queue is heading towards the 3-digit size. So much for being a new-be in the Ravelry world… I wonder what other users’ numbers are, not that it’s a competition of any sort. Perhaps a “more making, less looking” approach would be beneficial. At the top of my queue there are now mostly decorative items (strange of me), geeky patterns, and sheep-themed patterns (surprise!). I would post the pattern pictures, but not sure whether this would be causing any copyright issue.. anyone that knows about it?


I acquired more yarn (as if it was ever needed..).

  • Loop the Loop by Stylecraft: this is one of big ♡. Nicola, a generous and extremely kind raveler, donated me six balls in the cream shade (and even sent a pattern!). I can’t tell you how nice it is of her! As a little thank-you, I am making a donation to a charity. Further, I got hold of Loop the Loop in black and ruby. I’m in woolly heaven…

Loop the Loop in CreamLoop the Loop in RubyLoop the Loop black

  • Other pure wool yarns: I like to have a bit of variety, so with current budget restraints I buy less renowned or sought after, one-off deals!

Emu Superwash Tweeds DK Wendy Kintyre DK Green

Blog awards

A few kind fellow bloggers have nominated my blog, and a thank-you post is due sometime soon! I value your nomination, but I’m sorry to say that I’m really bad at this, especially with question answering and asking… Please don’t be upset that I don’t follow up on the nominations!

Other crafts

I’ve been looking at weaving and sewing resources and tutorials, as they always held a fascination on me. But I just don’t have the time and energy to start right now…

I think that’s it for now! Have a great rest of the week

PS WordPress just showed a message on my post informing me that “Occasionally, some of your visitors may see an advertisement here.”. I would like to highlight that this is not because I participate in a WordAd program to earn money, but rather because I haven’t purchased their NoAds Upgrade. If you’re interested in knowing more background details, please read their page: About These Ads.

♥ ♡ ♥ Ribbons ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥

I very much enjoyed reading Martha’s recent post on ribbon love and upcycled storage glass jars. By coincidence, I had just ordered some ribbons myself and they just arrived.

With excitement and joy, let me show you the little group that is going to join my small but happy Ribbons family. There are six of them: 4 embroidered (Strawberries, Forest Friends, Best Friends, Farmyard Animals) and 2 grosgrain (Bunting and Buttons).

New members in the Ribbons family!

New members in the Ribbons family!

They just arrived :)

As they just arrived 🙂

I ordered them from Blooming Felt and they have been promptly and flawlessly delivered. They even added a kind hand note on an upcoming event: the Knitting and Stitching Show in London, 10-13th October. If London is not a convenient location for you, there are further appointments: 31st October to 3rd November in Dublin, and 21st to 24th November in Harrogate (full details here). I’ll probably visit, although I’m not entirely sure that it’s a wise idea from a student financial perspective!

Buttons and Bunting

Buttons and Bunting

When my budget allows, I’m planning to add further members to the Ribbons: a German Etsy shop, FreuleinStephi, offers amazing ribbons produced in more than a century old traditional looms in Germany. Mind you, quality always comes at a price, but it’s well worth!

Best Friends and Farmyard Animals

Best Friends and Farmyard Animals

Strawberry may be (not sure yet) integrated in my knitting WIP Lazy Sunday bag. I’m also planning to add some crochet leaves made adapting the LOTR inspired leaf clasp  free pattern (Ravelry project page).

Strawberry and Forest Friends

Strawberry and Forest Friends

Speaking of crochet, I just remembered an old crochet FO of mine: a border I made on an Austrian table cloth that a friend kindly gave me – sadly the HallTex factory in Tirol that used to produce those high-quality fabrics has now gone. Sign of the times? hopefully a trend that is reversing. Let’s keep buying local products 🙂

An old FO: table cloth with crochet border

An old FO: table cloth with crochet border

that was made years ago, when I lived in Tirol, Austria

that was made years ago, when I lived in Tirol, Austria

more details



The small bag is almost a FO!

The market bag is nearing completion 🙂 I’ve knitted the upper part of its body and the green handles. Note the lifeline (safety thread) included just under the green part for possible unravelling need.

The small market bag is almost complete!

The small market bag is almost complete!
Can you start seeing the strawberry theme?

It still needs to have ends sewn in. I’ve also been thinking to add some leaves-like green bits, to keep in tune with the strawberry theme of the bag. Something like the small green bits that are on the crown of a strawberry (see picture below). What do you think?

Strawberry crown leaves

Strawberry crown leaves (source: digitaldesktopwallpaper.com)

And once the project is complete, I will add a FO gallery to the blog. I have other small FOs that have not been documented yet.

I also added a few rows to the Thistle scarf, but not much – hence no pictures.

Finally, when this is done, I may have space for a new project (or two?)…. a large project (the herringbone thing from my previous post), the fractal shawl, a sweater, a smaller project? As usual, knitters have about a zillion ideas in their wish-list!

knitting work in progress…. and other projects

My small market bag has gotten further to the point where the red pink ends and the green handles start. But before I knit that, I want to pass a “security thread” through the current row, which will help unravelling in safety, should that be needed 🙂 I’ll post some pictures when the bag gets to the next milestone, to avoid cluttering up the blog with photos of mini-progresses…

Along working on the items currently on needles, I’ve also been thinking further on the large knitting project I briefly mentioned in my previous post… pondering details and whether to undertake the project at all… it would be such a long-term task that is a bit scary, to put it mildly! A little teaser photo:

Small sample in Shetland wool

Small sample in Shetland wool… It may become a long-term project.

Finally, I undertook a home de-cluttering project – it’s not knitting related but I’m proud of making some progress in tidying things up! I brought donations to local charities and passed on stuff through Freecycle to new homes. I love that things can get new homes and a new life, instead of going to landfill!

The small market bag hits the first milestone (WIP)

You may remember the small market bag I started a few days ago; maybe you also recall that I only have had two balls of the Loop the Loop yarn

As work progressed today, I hit the end of the second ball…. it was worrisome to see the yarn getting shorter and shorter… would I be able to complete the current repeat?? This is what it looked like in the end:

The small market bag: 60 cm (less than a yard) of yarn left!

The small market bag: 60 cm (less than a yard) of yarn left at the end of the repeat!

The main body of the bag should be approx. 25 cm, so it’s 8-9 cm short. Early today, I dug out from my stash the plain BFL wool in a similar colour. The plan is this: complete the remaining body with the plain wool (that’s the second milestone) and then proceed with the handle in a dark & pale green (third and final milestone). If that works, the bag colour-scheme should remind of a strawberry.

BFL plain wool and green yarn

BFL plain wool and green yarn to complete the bag

We shall see 🙂