Impressions of Innsbruck (2)

Following up on yesterday’s post on Innsbruck, here are more images I took during my stays there. For the readers not very familiar with European geography, Innsbruck is a city in the Austrian region of Tyrol (or Tirol in German).

The area has high mountains and the city lays in the main valley where the river Inn flows. It hosted two olympics (1964 and 1976), during which times many new areas were built to host athletes and guests – there is even an Olimpisches Dorf (olympics village). While building activity and renovations are always ongoing, the city still retains many an old style buildings and areas; I really love the architecture from the 30s-70s.

Anyway, I’m digressing as usual! Back to the impressions, I hope you’ll enjoy this gallery with a flavour of the city:

There is a last thing I would like to show you… it will be another post of this series, to avoid overcrowding 🙂


Innsbruck, life and a spinning wheel

I’ve been visiting Innsbruck (Tirol, Austria) after long – had a great time seeing all my old friends and chatting endlessly. It was also good for the soul, to reconnect with the past, where it had been dropped about 7 years ago. It feels like life has come to a full circle and now I can join different pieces of myself.

In the post I’ll show some pictures of the many I have taken in time. And a special scarf. And an old wheel…

First a few impressions from Innsbruck:

When I was there, tidying up I found a scarf I started about 7 years ago and left unfinished when I had to relocate to the UK in the space of a week. It was a strange moment to pick it up again. Luckily no moth damage in sight! I decided to simply continue the knitting, because it’s akin to integrating my past in my present and making a new future. I know the pattern is nothing special and the stockinette is curling at the borders… but it’s special to me.

a special scarf from the past, life comes to a full circle

a special scarf from the past, life comes to a full circle

A very good friend of mine there gave me an old spinning wheel. I’m not a spinner, but intend to try at some point – I already acquired a little British fleece and more will come soon: Wensleydale, Bowmont and Lincoln. I am hoping that among those reading there may be someone who is a keen spinner and could tell me more about this wheel (pretty please). It seems to me that pieces may be missing, but to be honest, right now I can’t make head or tail of it!

the old wheel

wheel detail

wheel detail

wheel detail

(in the next post there will be plenty more images from Innsbruck…)