Kitsch? Vintage!

(A post rich in pictures)

A recent trove of mines was a stack of vintage craft magazines from the 80s – a real bargain. There are knitted items, as well as crochet, cross stitch and other crafts.

But one of the magazines is Fashion Knits, 4th edition (late 50s/early 60s). The patterns are very typical from that period: I have memories of old photos of my aunts and mother dressed in a similar fashion, although much more simple.

I have to admit having a soft spot for folksy (even kitschy) items. Maybe it’s because of my past stay in the very traditional Tirol (Austria)? Further, these 80s magazines remind me of my late mother and my childhood. Anyway, it doesn’t really matter! That’s one of the many sides of me, with ‘many’ applied in a very extensive way.

Together with the magazines, I also got some Arthur Sanderson fabric, a lovely find, Mandarin Flowers… But that will have to be for another post, perhaps one focused on fabrics, together with other linen purchases. I’m not sure why I keep purchasing fabric as I don’t have a sewing machine here – suffice to say that fabrics is another soft spots of mine… if you have been following my blog for a while, you’ll have got the idea by now 🙂

Now, I can hear you asking what I will make out of these. I don’t know… and I won’t commit to any potential projects yet 😉


A taste of Bayern

I was meaning to post more pictures about the Hampstead area of London, but after reading Yarnbrarian’s post on their trip planning, here it is, a post on a recent trip to Munich, Bayern, Southern Germany, for some inspiration.

A few highlights, starting with the Old Town Hall, the New Town Hall, then the Cathedral and finally a typical party in traditional folk style!

The Old Town Hall (Altes Rathaus) is located in the East side of Marienplatz, in the very centre of the city and easily reachable by public transport. Being first documented in the 14th century, it had been the domicile of the municipality until 1874.

In 1874 the municipality moved to the New Town Hall (Neues Rathaus), located in the northern part of Marienplatz. The building is very large and hosts a gallery accessible from the inner courtyard. There is free entrance and the beauty of the Neo-Gothic architecture is worth dedicating some hours to wander around in its corridors, enjoying its magic atmosphere and flights of stairs. It has extensive stained glasses with various subjects, including noblemen, city views, a set of American themes (the Statue of Liberty, many American presidents and distinguished people) and manly love. The Glockenspiel performs daily at 11am, 12pm and 5pm.

The New Town Hall:

The Old Town Hall:

The Cathedral of Our Dear Lady (Frauenkirche) was consecrated in 1494 and features two towers, which are accessible to the public, climbing up the stairs, and offer a unique view of Munich and the nearby Alps (sadly they were shut when we arrived). It hosts interesting attractions: among others, the Cenotaph of Emperor Louis IV and the Devil’s Footstep (Teufelstritt), around which different legends have been built.

And more pictures, some are random shots, most were taken at the 40th birthday party of a dear friend, hosted in a traditional mountain hut in the city centre (!)…