It’s growing!

Just past row 132 out of 145, which is about 90% done.. I really look forward now to seeing it completed!

Not sure how I’ll manage blocking such a large piece as I have neither space nor specific tools. I’m sure I’ll get creative in the end – I think it won’t be a stylish solution but as long as it’s effective, I’m fine with it.

The colours are a bit hard to capture but the closest is the first picture.

I’m planning for the Super Birthday Sweater I mentioned in my last post, but won’t probably start until June for the Fringe Association’s Summer of Making – I’m thinking of joining in, but haven’t decided yet, I might take part even if I won’t be able to finish 4 projects in 3 months. So far I’ve short listed two jumpers, one summer top, a folk shirt I’ve been wanting to make for ages and a pair of simple cable socks (because never done cables, so that’ll be easy!). A bit too ambitious? I won’t stress wanting to finish it all.

Have you planned projects for your summer (or winter if you live on the other side of the globe)? Or will you just decide as time goes on?

it’s getting huge

The Old Shale Shawl is progressing well and just hit the 100th row.


It is getting fairly large, I just hope that the 80cm circular will hold it until the end – I wouldn’t really fancy having to shift the 200+ stitches across.

I’m in love with the shades of the yarn and can’t wait to have it bound off, so I can stretch and see it in full!

Have a nice Sunday ❤

CO: Old Shale Shawl

In the midst of the exams madness, I casted on a relatively mindless but very nice pattern I had been having in mind to try for quite some time. It’s the Old Shale Shawl by Amanda Clark, a shawl based, as the name indicates, on the Old Shale stitch pattern.

It reminds me of the Spencer Dress presented in details in this Kate Davies’ post. I love that stitch: it is both traditional and modern at the same time. It has some lace-y parts but remaining an easy knit and earthy. Practical but beautiful.

It also lends well itself to different interpretations – from variegated yarn to stripes or mono-colour, lace to worsted weight, aggressively  to losely blocked. You’ll see many interpretations in the pictures shown on the Ravelry pattern page.

Sadly, I’m having some issue with my phone camera at the moment, so I can’t upload pictures. The original pattern and photos can be seen on Ravelry’s page for the pattern by Amanda Clark. It’s a very popular (free!) pattern, as the pattern page testifies.

I’m knitting it on 6mm circular needles using Debbie Bliss Glen yarn in Kingfisher, with blue-green-grey tones – one of my favourite hues. Though, it could be knitted in almost any yarn weight and type, as gauge is not an issue and would only result in different sizes.

Hope you have a nice week

Image Image


A swatch I made while ago of the Old Shale stitch pattern

A swatch I made while ago of the Old Shale stitch pattern