Knitting projects

I made some progress on my In Stillness jumper as I was away. It got to a halt when the right DPNS were not available and an order has been placed for them; once I get the needles I’ll proceed with the sleeves. I really like the fabric and the colours. Because my gauge was completely off, I did some wild adjustments (read: guesswork) to make the yarn and the sizing work. So far it seems to have worked well… but let’s not challenge the Knitting Goddesses.

Given the cold weather and the hours spent watching programs from the sofa, I had the longing for a warmer blanket… so I casted one on with some vintage pure wool yarn, of which I had a sizeable quantity. This is the free pattern Pauli by Loona Knits. It’s in German (or Russian if you prefer!) but I can read it and also includes an easy chart. The result is pretty but the stitches are really basic – knit and purl. Here are my project notes.


Original photo from Pauli by Loona Knits pattern.

I cast on almost double the stitches as in the original pattern to have a double-sized blanket. I just hope it’s not too large and the yarn will be enough! I know, I know… swatches… nope

Merry Christmas !

Im back in London and we’re having a peaceful Christmas Day.

After a late Christmas Eve spent sipping mulled wine, nibbling on festive snacks and chocolate while watching His Dark Materials, this morning I woke up late.

I went to mass and it was bright and relatively joyful, for what these times allow.

After church I put up the final last minute decorations and took out some antique pieces like a Georgian candlestick and old plates.

On the first day out of my post-return quarantine, we went to get some decorations and we, ooops, ended up taking home a tree! It took us a 30-minute walk to carry it back… free gym! We have a smiling tree

We were meant to have goose for lunch but it took ages to cook so we had a small lunch instead and went for a walk before it was too dark to enjoy. So the goose and all the trimmings is for dinner.

I’m now catching up with other things like phone calls etc.

Have safe and peaceful Christmas holidays ❤️🙏

SIP: Sofa in progress

Contrary to common sense, I decided to add yet another expenditure to the pile and have the sofa base professionally done by a local carpenter.

Preview of the sofa base: top element resting on the leg

I like old furniture, especially those in the early 19th or 18th century. Clearly, one such would not be affordable, unless in a pitiful state (if that even!), so having one made in old style is the closest I can get to it.

I hope it turns out nice 🙂 More pictures to follow.

Section of the top element

Have a lovely and peaceful weekend!

we have the legs

The old style legs for the sofa were delivered today and I really like them!

Now I only need the sofa. Basically I have this idea to make a sort of sofa without the back rest but with large cushions and really really chunky cushions filled with wool. You know like they used to be in the old times? Mattress like. Those.

Inspiration for the chunky cushion sofa
My much simpler version of the sofa base, on top of which goes the chunky cushion

Not sure the idea will ever become reality. No tools, no time and small budget. The wool filling alone would cost a lot, not to consider the upholstering work. But I surely have the legs 🙂

As a past time, I put up some more of the recent vintage picture acquisitions… (bad light, I know)

Oh, yes, the antique tiles were delivered too. And works inch on.


The antique tiles meant to arrive today weren’t delivered; apparently the business, alas I, was not open – except I was at home, they just didn’t show up. The curtain rod I tried to put up did not work.

Antique tiles for the window sill

Instead… I put up some pictures, at least one more weird one, and cleaned a bit the construction area. Works are proceeding slowly, which is a bit annoying.

G.S. ‘69

Instead… I went for some errand and entered the gothic cathedral, which looked peaceful and beautiful in the dark with lights on by the altar. Its stained glass windows looked mesmerising from the outside, with jewel-like colours shining in the night. On the way back there was some dairy-free, all natural, delicious ice cream – no, it’s never too cold for ice cream. Sharon’s fruit, pistachio, fig chocolat (sugar-free) were the flavours.

Sharon’s fruit, pistachio, fig choc. All natural and dairy free