Vintage and antique pieces

You might be aware from previous blogposts of mine that I am a collector of old pieces, some of which are listed in my Etsy shops. Here are some pieces that will soon be listed.

A selection of vintage pieces for my Etsy shop

A beautiful needlework picture depicting Pierrot. I love the colours and it’s of good quality, just ready for framing. I’d love it in a white frame.

A wooden box of solid wood in an unusual drop shape, a vintage or antique piece.

A stunning candleholder with aged patina and worn silver gilding. Marked with “Freud Ltd London (C)”. From the font type and patina it would appear to be antique. A quick search did not yield any matches.

A pair of carved bone masks. I normally don’t buy masks but these seemed a good pair of nice make.

Yesterday we were on a walk in the neighbourhood and I went to check one of the charity shops (thrift stores). Lately I haven’t been on the lookout for items to sell because there are plenty still on my shelves awaiting to be added to the shops.

Usually I’m perusing second hand fashion for quality pieces for own use, to support a circular economy that benefits charitable causes and doesn’t further burden our planet. So I buy used things instead of newly produced clothing that continues to unnecessarily use up the resources of our planet.

This time I happen to stumble upon pieces that I thought would be a nice addition for my vintage shop and didn’t want to leave them behind.

They soon will be listed, and hopefully later adorn a new loving home. For now I’m enjoying them on the mantlepiece.

The other pictures shown in this photo are also available for purchase (worldwide shipping).

My Etsy shops:

Vintage pieces : V for Vintage London

Antique artefacts : An Old Country House

Let there be peace

Happy New Year!

Yesterday I finally knit the tubular bind off row for my Let There Be Peace jumper! Today I wove the ends in and worn it.

The project notes are on my Ravelry project. Here are some photos (before washing and blocking)

The pattern is In Stillness by Alicia Plummer – nice and not very difficult. I would definitely knit this pattern again because it’s a very wearable one.

I substituted the required yarn with one from my stash; the fabric in my sweater appears denser than the one shown in the original pattern, but it’s still nice and soft. The wool I used didn’t match the pattern gauge, so I did a little swatch and went to town. In order to achieve my size (approx 36 inches, 92 cm, UK 12-14, or Medium) I followed the instructions for the smallest size (29.25 inches or 74 cm).

The jumper was started in April 2020 and really dragged on more than necessary – mostly due to long breaks in between.

Although there are a few less-than-perfect details in my making, I do like the result, the fit and the colour, which from afar it looks like gray but it’s a melange of beige, light and dark blue. The fabric gently hugs the figure without being tight.

Overall a very wearable piece. And it’s nice to make one’s own clothing 🙂

I wish you peace and health in 2022.

Merry Christmas, may it bring peace, wisdom and joy

Christmas day is upon us, hopefully bringing joyful moments and time with beloved ones.

We will be spending it in England.

We just received our provision delivery, and I will be making quince jam later today.

There will be tranquil time, good food, a little drink and maybe time for watching tv, knitting and some technical learning (we both work in software development).

Sadly it won’t be possible to attend Mass this time.

The Nativity shown in a stained glass window in the famous Rosslyn Chapel, near Edinburgh in Scotland.
Fortnum & Mason department store near Piccadilly Circus in London

Above is a picture of the decorations at Fortnum and Mason department store in London, the home of many delicious foods and drinks. I purchased some fancy teas for myself and the family, including my all-times favourite “Dragon Pearls” (rolled green tea leaves with jasmine, very gentle flavour).

Below, photos from a few days ago, taken on our way to the Christmas stalls along the Southbank of the Thames river.

At the market we got mulled wine, eggnog and bought a couple of vintage books. Then walked back home in the evening lights and fresh air. It was a nice thing to do, and one of the first festive breaks we had. The first break was a weekend trip to Edinburgh & Stirling in Scotland – more on it in another post.

Finally, my Sunday Cardigan has seen good progress and the yoke is done, reaching the point where body and sleeves are separated. I hope to do that part tonight – last night i was too tired and didn’t want to risk messing it up.

Sunday Cardigan. The yoke just before dividing for the body and sleeves.

I send you my very best wishes for a safe and merry time. May it bring a bit of magic and some peace for us all.

May you spend this time with beloved ones, or have them in your thoughts for those who are far or no longer with us.

Lots of love

Jumper projects

Today is the jumper edition with updates on the sweaters currently in progress.

The first is almost done: it’s my Let There Be Peace jumper (In Stillness).

It only needs one last row that I keep procrastinating on because it’s the bind off in tubular stretch bind off method…

The other WIP project is something I cast on a few days ago: Sunday Cardigan Mohair by PetiteKnit.

I had some funky vintage mohair yarn in my stash and decided to give it a go. The cardigan is without buttons and is knit from the top down, so its length can be adjusted as needed.

I hope to have enough yarn. The sleeves are quite puffy and I might reduce them a bit. Also, the pattern entails a significant ease and I didn’t want it to be that wide, so I’m knitting an XS in smaller needles. I did a swatch but mainly to see how the fabric would look, without checking gauge, so it’s a bit of a shot in the dark…

Here’s a photo from a couple of days ago, it has grown a bit more in the meanwhile. The jumper has reached a width that it now needs to be moved to cord needles.

I love the pattern, a sort of camo in blue shades. It has a 1980s vibe, don’t you think?

Have a lovely day and keep safe!

Antler stitch cowl

“It’s a Wrap Cowl” by Melissa Littlefield (aka KnittingTheStash) is done and ready to be posted.

It’s an easy and beautiful free pattern, and I loved knitting it. The designer is very kind to give the pattern for free.

Although in the pattern the stitch is called a ‘wrapped stitch’, I renamed it because for me it conjures thoughts of stylised antlers. I’m sure there is some other name for the stitch as well.

This was made with the same yarn as the Acorn Hat, using as much yarn (59 grams, just short of 2 oz). They will be a present for a friend abroad.

Next, I have one last row (the tubular stretch bind off) to do on my Let There Be Peace jumper (aka In Stillness, by Alicia Plummer)…

And I cast on a new jumper!

Not sure when this is going to happen, as you know, Christmas 🙂

I wish you all serene, peaceful and joyous Christmas holidays.

Stay safe