I’m still alive and well!

This is a piece just resurfacing from old possessions of mine… Didn’t have a recollection of ever having done this.

Maybe it’s normal or maybe having too much to store in mind causes memory overload and reset.

It was meant to be this:

I still like it. Who knows if it will be finished one day

I feel there’s a candle light shining in the dark hours,

be hopeful and keep safe

5 thoughts on “Memories

  1. Julia says:

    Thank you so much for this blog post! I have been thinking about you a lot, and I hope you are safe and everything is well.
    The cross stitch looks really beautiful! Reminds me a little of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. 😉

    • itwasjudith says:

      Hallo Julia!
      Thanks for your thoughts 🙂
      I’m currently working from my hometown but should be back to the uk soon. While here I kind of a bit lost track with things digital. I just read your post the other day, but missed you ur previous ones .
      So far we’re all safe, thank you. I hope all is well with you and your family?
      Hugs & liebe gruesse
      PS I have a thing for castles and that kind of style , though not very practical for modern days life 😉

      • Julia says:

        Thank you! Yes, so far, everyone is safe, my sister voluntarily quarantined this summer because one of her partner’s coworkers was tested positive and her partner had to quarantine, but apart from that, we’ve been lucky so far (I hope it stays that way). All the love!!

  2. I’ve been running across things I started a long time ago too and have made the serious decision as to whether it will be completed or let go to the grand collection of stuff called the thrift store. As of this moment, there is more than half of what I found on it’s way out and some hopefuls remaining. I love the gentle green color of that. If you still have the pattern, I’m sure it will be quite lovely. Good to see you back.

    • itwasjudith says:

      Hello and thanks for visiting !
      I’m learning to let some thing go but still need practice 😉
      I admire you for having moved half of what you picked up to the Great Collection .
      Hugs and best wishes for these trying times

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