Starting the Boxie shawl

While I wait for inspiration to knit the border onto the Nurmiluntu shawl I started the Boxie Shawl (pattern by the Agrarian Artisan).

Boxie is a traditional triangular shawl worked from the top down. It’s a crochet shawl that uses two 100g skeins of 4-ply yarn.

I opted to use some DK from my stash instead (Diggle and Colour Splan by Woolyknit), but I’m now questioning whether the results might be as nice – with a thicker yarn the holes in the resulting fabric will be larger, and holes in crochet is one reason why I’m not too keen on this technique for producing certain items. What do you think? Does the yarn suit the pattern?

While writing here the yarn details, I just realised that both yarns are classified as DK, but one is definitely thinner than the other. Colour Splash, the variegated one, is 97 meters / 50 grams, while Diggle, the green one, is 123 meters / 50 grams….. ooops!

When I chose the yarn, these colours seemed to be working together pretty well. Does the colour combination really work once worked up?

I’m not sure what to do…. a little voice whispers “frog”…

4 thoughts on “Starting the Boxie shawl

  1. Julia says:

    Mhm. Mhm, mhm, mhm. In my humble opinion it looks good on the green, but the colourful yarn seems to swallow up the pattern completely … :/ And I don’t think they compliment each other, because the green is nowhere to be found in the variegated yarn. Sorry! The most important thing is that YOU like it though!! If that’s the case, onward!!

    • itwasjudith says:

      Thanks for your honest comment – I really appreciate it! There are green hints in the variegated yarn, but I think their colour strengths (hue?) do not match.. and their weight neither….
      It might get frogged….

      • Julia says:

        OH okay, sorry then!! I didn’t see the green, but it might be the photograph (this is nothing against you I have problems with getting colours right these days on pictures so much), it seemed blue to me!! Could you sleep on it, maybe? And then decide tomorrow? (also, you’re welcome. Typing it out I realised it might have been a bit, well, blunt)

      • itwasjudith says:

        No worries at all – I didn’t find it blunt, maybe direct, but that’s not bad in my books 🙂
        I appreciate your honesty and help with assessing the situation.
        I will follow your suggestion and decide what to do tomorrow…
        Have a nice day!

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