Nurmilintu shawl

My Nurmilintu had a set back while ago, when I was nearing the end of the main section, the needle slipped and many stitches came undone. The shawl is knit in a beautiful but slippery and unforgiving yarn (The Natural Dye Studio’s Dazzle Sock in Dragonfly, 100% Bluefaced Leicester wool)… it was not possible to rescue. Frogged back by a significant chunk of the body and time-contumely picked the stitches up… sigh. Then re-knit.

Now the body is done and the shawl went to the side – got a bit stuck because I wasn’t familiar with the stitch for the border… Also, I didn’t like the pointy border that much. The border was rethought and I decided to go for a knit-on border. I found some tutorials and nice candidates, but stopped there…

I hope to gather the swing again and finish it in the near future!

Do you have projects that got you stuck?



8 thoughts on “Nurmilintu shawl

  1. suth2 says:

    Over the years I have had several projects that have foxed me. Some I have managed to finish but others have gone by the wayside.

  2. Julia says:

    Goo luck for that! I hope you can rescue it! I tried to knit Nurmilintu once and snapped up a beautiful ball of sock yarn for it that I had been saving for a special occasion …. After chopping out a lot of the colour parts (I wanted red for the lace and the rest in the other colours) I realised that NOPE! There wasn’t enough red. Ball of yarn ruined and shoved somehwere out of sight. I still have to make this pattern.

  3. […] I wait for inspiration to knit the border onto the Nurmiluntu shawl I started the Boxie Shawl (pattern by the Agrarian […]

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