What next

I’m about to complete the Old Shale Shawl, after a long time in the making (and hibernating).

I cannot yet officially start projects for the Summer of Basics 2018 (aka Make your Own Basics), so this morning I’ve been perusing my Ravelry queue and picked up a couple of projects (this may be a wildly optimistic plan…).

The first is the famous Nurmilintu shawl, because it looks pretty and easy, and it’s also free. Plus I have a weak spot for Finnish (Nurmilintu means “sleep, sleep, little bird” from an old Finnish lullaby). I plan to make it with Natural Dye Studio Sock yarn in Dragonfly:

The other project is the Pixel Stitch Socks, a beautiful free pattern by Putl Soho, to be made in Natural Dye Studio’s Dazzle HT Sock in Whitby Pool and Lynmouth – high twist yarn for longer durability.

I’m sure I won’t get much done with them until the end of the month, but it’ll be fun anyway!

What are you up to?

Have a lovely weekend!

5 thoughts on “What next

  1. I can’t wait to see the completed shawl. The pattern and yarn look so lovely and ethereal! – Karen

  2. Gorgeous yarns. I have knitted the Nurmilintu and it is beautiful and easy pattern. Your socks are going to be just as stunning. Have fun in the meantime petting the yarn until you cast on. 🙂

    • itwasjudith says:

      Thank you!
      Petting the yarn is a nice activity 😉
      I’m actually just in the process to arrange my new “collection” of yarn, so that I can get a better access to the wool 🙂

      • I like petting my yarn too. Such fun. I leave the favourite ones on the dining room table, just in case. 😉
        Have fun arranging your collection.

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