It’s growing!

Just past row 132 out of 145, which is about 90% done.. I really look forward now to seeing it completed!

Not sure how I’ll manage blocking such a large piece as I have neither space nor specific tools. I’m sure I’ll get creative in the end – I think it won’t be a stylish solution but as long as it’s effective, I’m fine with it.

The colours are a bit hard to capture but the closest is the first picture.

I’m planning for the Super Birthday Sweater I mentioned in my last post, but won’t probably start until June for the Fringe Association’s Summer of Making – I’m thinking of joining in, but haven’t decided yet, I might take part even if I won’t be able to finish 4 projects in 3 months. So far I’ve short listed two jumpers, one summer top, a folk shirt I’ve been wanting to make for ages and a pair of simple cable socks (because never done cables, so that’ll be easy!). A bit too ambitious? I won’t stress wanting to finish it all.

Have you planned projects for your summer (or winter if you live on the other side of the globe)? Or will you just decide as time goes on?

11 thoughts on “It’s growing!

  1. salpal1 says:

    It’s looking good! Blocking will be a fun puzzle!

    I have so many plans in my head, and a ridiculous queue! But when I finish the things I am working on, there are a few shawls I want to make, and some color work mittens. And socks are always on my needles. It’s sort of never ending, the planning!

  2. Fadanista says:

    I plan stuff and then find a new shiny thing! Love the look of your knitting

  3. kathyreeves says:

    Love the way this is coming together. I have a queue, but will switch things up as the mood hits!

  4. It is absolutely stunning, and coming along just great too. Have fun and happy knitting on the weekend. 🙂

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