The Fiver Curtain

(Vintage Way No. 2)

Finally this weekend I was able to dedicate some time to repurpose a lucky find from some time ago: a curtain in a beautiful shade of blue.

The material: curtain and matching haberdashery (all for a fiver). It feels like a linen-cotton fabric, so not bad at all.

The bathroom needed a small one to avoid or reduce see-through when the lights are on at night.

Luckily the width of the repurposed material perfectly fitted in our window, so the work needed wasn’t a lot.. but bear in mind that currently I have no sewing machine, so it’s hand stitching all the way.

Before being shortened

Out it came (part of) my sewing thread stash (lots of vintage threads and some less old – ebay, charity and market finds). For a quick refresh on some more of my stash, see this old post: Wooden Reels (no, this isn’t it all, and yes, they’re still stored in boxes). If I ever need a colour, I’m pretty confident it’s going to be in there, or at least something closely matching..

In my usual freestyle way, I didn’t do much of complicate measurements (i.e. none). After putting it up on the curtain rail I just marked the desired length in a couple of points, then proceeded to bast and cut the extra length.

The extra length has just been cut off

The bottom has been basted, ready for trying it up

Then the edge was fixed – the result is not particularly pretty, but works. There was a little fiddling with the basting as in the middle section the length was slightly longer. Then the two layers were fixed together with a small, mostly hidden stitch. And that was it: new curtain’s up!

“New” vintage curtain is up!

It still needs a curtain hook to hold it on a side when open, then the haberdashery blue rope can be put to use too.

I was very happy to repurpose the lucky find: “new” nice curtain for a fiver.

Environmentally friendly: check; economic: check. Win-win.

~ ~ ~

As some may have noticed I don’t blog very often. I thought about it, and I believe it’s due to my instinct of presenting things only when they’re complete. This way I miss out on the spontaneous update and just putting it out to the world really.  So I end up having quite a few photos of things I’ve done, seen or am making, but actually posting very little of them. Also, life often gets in the way and throws many things at you – sometimes there isn’t just enough energy left to sit, edit photos and write it all down. I wonder if that’s a common problem with bloggers?

Anyway, next time (this week!), I will discuss:

8 thoughts on “The Fiver Curtain

  1. Lovely recycled curtain! You got a bargain and it looks great:)

  2. Wow, well done, specially on the hand sewing. 🙂 You Rock!!
    Great curtain, and just right for the bathroom. Stunning colour too.

  3. shellssells says:

    You are right! That’s a fantastic blue color! And, as someone who has been looking for kitchen curtains quite regularly lately, if the color you are looking for isn’t on a certain current trend, it’s really tough to find something you like! Repurposing is brilliant.

    • itwasjudith says:

      Thank you! I usually tend not to follow trends much, really.. I find trends a bit boring because everyone seems to end up with very similar things. So this was an unexpected lucky find 🙂 I just keep visiting my usual sources and once in a while there’s a good score like this one. In the same place we found a vintage (50s/60s?) porcelain shelf perfect to go above the bathroom wash basin – another great piece, immaculate, amazing quality for another fiver… I so love when old things can be leased a new life 🙂 Thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts!

  4. Looks great! And you can use the remaining fabric for some patchwork projects (I am so not joking!). Re: frequency of blogging – I am with you, I have checked and was surprised how little I have posted last year, and really only about finished projects when I was posting about craft projects. Yes, life gets in the way, certainly, but I also feel that maybe people are not interested in my rambling about half finished objects… like you, I am full of good intentions to post more. Looking forward to your next post!

    • itwasjudith says:

      Thank you for sharing your experience too 🙂 yes, I also have the feeling that people may not be sooo interested in seeing my half-done projects! On the other hand, I enjoy reading what other bloggers are up to, even if the project is still WIP, so perhaps I should just post whatever I have and then people can read if they are inclined to 😉 I need to take a few pictures with daylight for the next post – artificial light is quite awful when it comes to colours. I look forward to see your projects soon! All the best

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