On holiday without yarn

With cabin luggage only, there was no space to bring yarny stuff. 

But then I wanted to knit, so the easy solution was to get some yarn locally: I chose Avantgarde from Adriafil, because it’s locally made pure wool and can be machine-washed. I liked the pale blue shade with bits of colour.

I made up a simple pattern for a vest – nothing very special, just a simple project. 

After coming back from the holiday, things became quite hectic: I graduated and started interviewing.

Today I finally resumed work on the back part of the vest and, despite the 4ply yarn, the progress is visible – better, it would have been visible if I had taken recent pictures!

The project is ravelled as Holiday Vest. Some old pictures – apologies for the rather poor quality:

Holiday Vest - front

Holiday Vest, the front

Holiday Vest - waist

Holiday Vest, waist part

I fully appreciate that photos from the holiday sightseeings would have constituted a far more interesting post content!



4 thoughts on “On holiday without yarn

  1. Hey Judith, good to see you again. It is a crying shame, aircraft designers do not take us knitters into consideration!! I always have a ‘sock-on-the-go’ . vest looks good, love the colors. And yes, would love to see some sight see-ing pics…you always have such an interesting view of the world! xoxox from across the pond, Johanna

    • itwasjudith says:

      Hello Johanna, Thanks for your warm welcome back! The vest looks a bit boring but if successful it may become a practical item… we shall see. love and greetings, J

  2. Curls & Q says:

    Q – I always bring a knitting project with me when flying. Usually socks, hat or handwarmers so I don’t have to schlep as much. Flown well over 20 times and have never been stopped. Always see other people knitting on my flights.

    Lovely to see the local yarn. It beautiful with the bits of color.

  3. itwasjudith says:

    Yes, apparently if you have your knitting on the needles, it is allowed anywhere – but not if the needles don’t have knitting on them 🙂

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