Silk sea

The silk forest theme is awaiting for a decision and more silk yarn (ordered)… meanwhile, I wanted to try out how the knitting with this silk would have been.

Using a skein in Seaweed shade and summery colours, the test Sea Top was born!


It is based on the free pattern Simple Irresistible by Espino Susunaga. My idea is to have an easy-to-wear, cool and lose top to juggle over a summer outfit – while at the same time testing the silk yarn behaviour.


To get a loser fit, I went up two needle sizes and casted on some more stitches. The top has no waist shaping and I’m going to use a smaller needle to achieve a slight tapered effect in the centre. After knitting the bottom section, ideally I should put that on waste yarn and try it on… I doubt I’ll bother though. Obviously, there is the risk of it being too lose…


The silk so far has proved to be relatively easy to knit, a bit “papery” looking in some spots, but with a nice subtle sheen and easy drape. The lose fit gives the top some nice bouncing.



10 thoughts on “Silk sea

  1. Febr12 says:

    That color is wonderful! I’m using an almost similar shade at this moment 😉

    • itwasjudith says:

      It’s a great shade, isn’t it? one of my favourite..
      what are you making with it? look forward to see your pics!

      • Febr12 says:

        My color is a hard to describe, it’s some deep turquoise. I’m making a test knit shawl with it for Iscula. It will be a huge wrap and I’ll probably be finished next week.

  2. Pia says:

    Absolutely gorgeous colours.

  3. Good and clever adjustments of the pattern for your personal taste! Looks great. Do not worry too much about stretching, silk does not stretch much. And what happened to the blue scarf…it has not become an UFO????? have a great weekend, xoxoxo from Ohio!

  4. soknitsome says:

    What great colours. That’s going to be a super top!

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