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Today’s update on current WIPs… I have so many ideas that this morning I had to get up around 6am because I couldn’t rest any longer!

Feline Draught Stopper

The draught sit in the flat has gotten into a bleak state, which required a prompt intervention. Swiftly I consulted patterns, jotted down ideas (I have quite a few more), and this morning I casted on. Looking at the assorted mix of random yarns in the stash, I was actually able to put together some lovely combination of shades. Apart from one, the other yarns have no label – though it feels like a slightly coarse wool.

The beauty of using aran weight yarn is that progress is so immediate, which helps motivation. In the picture of the WIP, you can notice the beautiful Canadian birch needles that Joahnna from FlorePoste kindly sent me recently – I love them!

The pattern is free and can be found on Simplicity’s website or on Ravelry. You can see the finished item in the background of the second picture:

Feline Draught Stopper, the beginning

Feline Draught Stopper, yarn selection

Elder Father knee caps

Last night I moved the stitches from DPNS to short circulars (30 cm) and it made a big difference in ease of knitting: no nasty dropped stitches anymore (yay!). A little progress, now faring at 20 rows, not much but getting along.. The yarn is a pleasure to work with – it has a compact softness and a springy hold.

Elder Father knee caps


I received a delivery from the USA with a sweet floral dress (60s?) by E. D. Juniors of San Francisco and some Bernat wool kit for babies (40s-50s?). The E.D. brand was apparently fairly popular in the 60s-70s – I wonder if any of the US readers know more about it?

vintage peasant dress in floral pink, by E.D. Juniors of San Francisco vintage peasant dress in floral pink, by E.D. Juniors of San Francisco vintage peasant dress in floral pink, by E.D. Juniors of San Francisco

Bernat Baby Pak, ca. 1946Bernat Baby Pak, ca. 1946

14 thoughts on “knit on

  1. Flora Poste says:

    Ohoh, what nice things are going on in Weestorybook! I loved the cat draught stopper the best! he looks so happy and sleepy;0)
    The dress is so gorgeous, I wear quite lot of vintage myself but a quick google on E D Juiors came with no results so far. Good find!
    Glad you enjoy your Canadian needles! ♥ Johanna

    • itwasjudith says:

      Thank you for the needles, they’re really great to work with 🙂 I love wooden needles and these are the perfect length for the draft stopper work!
      I read that vintage can be sourced at fairly inexpensive prices in the USA… I should make a shopping trip one day 😉 here it can cost ridiculous amounts, unless you have a lucky find in some charity shop.
      Thanks for doing the research on the dress 🙂 I found some old listings where they described the brand a bit.
      Did the fox arrive? hugs and have a lovely day, judith

      • Flora Poste says:

        Vintage is indeed ‘do-able’ here,especially in the smaller villages and there is a lot to find in thrift stores as well with a little patience;0). I also see online the most fabulous clothes but never ordered that way since I have an unusual seize: 6 foot two and a bit on the skinny side..not ideal for vintage clothes. but all and all with some alterations, I find what I like for a good price;0) The fun is the hunt as well!
        The fox has not arrived yet: Mollie Makes was already sold out when I ordered it and I have not been given a ‘firm shipping date’ yet: my ears are starting to droop now…hugs from Ohio!

      • itwasjudith says:

        oh, I see, you’re a lucky tall and slim lady 😉 i wish it was my case!
        Hope that Mollie Makes will give you a shipping date soon.. fingers crossed. Let me know if I can be of any help (perhaps it’s possible to buy it in a shop in london?)

  2. The draft stopper is beautiful — wonderful colors and yarn. The mice I write about would have a fit, if they knew I was praising a cat, though.

  3. Forest So Green says:

    I also have birch needles and I love them 🙂 Annie

  4. Sheryl says:

    I love the dress. I don’t remember the E.D. brand–but then there’s lots of things from the 60s and 70s. that I don’t remember, so it could easily have been very popular back then. 🙂

    • itwasjudith says:

      Thanks Sheryl! I found some auctions for dresses by the ED brand and they mention that it was fairly pop at the time. Not sure though, as I couldn’t find much more… I was hoping that some US reader could enlighten me on the matter 😉

  5. Kimberley Fillmore says:

    My great grandfather owned the parent company “Arnelle of California” based in San Francisco, started in about the 1930’s. Initially made women’s blouses but then expanded to dresses. ED Juniors is a label that his two sons designed in the 1970’s. One son is still alive and I will show him pictures of your blog. Dress company always located in SF, sold to retailers nationwide, most the the female family members wore the clothes at one time or another, I have about 250 dresses from Arnelle of California, Terri Petites of California, Terri Juniors, and ED Juniors, all fashion lines from my family.

  6. itwasjudith says:

    Dear Kimberly,
    Thanks for your comment and the info! It is interesting to know more about this vintage item. It must be exciting to have had such part of history in your own family 🙂 Are your dresses part of a collection or do you actually use them?
    Warm regards

  7. […] I came across an old post about the Feline Draught Stopper, then WIP.. It took a while to complete, but last year it was finally done, and in use. […]

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