Innsbruck, life and a spinning wheel

I’ve been visiting Innsbruck (Tirol, Austria) after long – had a great time seeing all my old friends and chatting endlessly. It was also good for the soul, to reconnect with the past, where it had been dropped about 7 years ago. It feels like life has come to a full circle and now I can join different pieces of myself.

In the post I’ll show some pictures of the many I have taken in time. And a special scarf. And an old wheel…

First a few impressions from Innsbruck:

When I was there, tidying up I found a scarf I started about 7 years ago and left unfinished when I had to relocate to the UK in the space of a week. It was a strange moment to pick it up again. Luckily no moth damage in sight! I decided to simply continue the knitting, because it’s akin to integrating my past in my present and making a new future. I know the pattern is nothing special and the stockinette is curling at the borders… but it’s special to me.

a special scarf from the past, life comes to a full circle

a special scarf from the past, life comes to a full circle

A very good friend of mine there gave me an old spinning wheel. I’m not a spinner, but intend to try at some point – I already acquired a little British fleece and more will come soon: Wensleydale, Bowmont and Lincoln. I am hoping that among those reading there may be someone who is a keen spinner and could tell me more about this wheel (pretty please). It seems to me that pieces may be missing, but to be honest, right now I can’t make head or tail of it!

the old wheel

wheel detail

wheel detail

wheel detail

(in the next post there will be plenty more images from Innsbruck…)

8 thoughts on “Innsbruck, life and a spinning wheel

  1. *Wisher* says:

    oohh.. great shots.. I love the mountain views.. thank you for sharing.. 😀

  2. Flora Poste says:

    What a lovely post and such beautiful photos. Seems you are on a good track! I do not kow anyting about spinning but I am equally fascinated by it. I hope you keep us posted on follow ups! Hugs for you from across the pond.

    • itwasjudith says:

      Thank you for your sweet words 🙂 I hope I’ll get to use the wheel one day… it will be an interesting learning process, I think! For the moment, I’m trying to make sense of it, the wheel is left in Austria… can’t carry easily on a plane 😉
      Hugs and have a lovely day ♡♡

  3. […] up on yesterday’s post on Innsbruck, here are more images I took during my stays there. For the readers not very familiar with European […]

  4. I love these photos. I think my favorite is the glimpse of the mountains between the tall buildings. I can feel the pull of the Alps, and the beautiful culture created by those who lift their eyes to the mountains each day.

  5. […] I will show more pictures once the fleece will be dry. The next, I will “only” need to figure out how to use my vintage spinning wheel! […]

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