♡ Thank you ♡ Hartelijk dank ♡ Mille grazie ♡

Johanna of Likefloraposte made me a surprise! She sent a packet, inside which some cute guests were braving the journey across the ocean…

a desert hedgehog cub, by Max Korostischeveski

(a desert hedgehog cub, photo by Max Korostischeveski)

“Hello World!”

I know, the cub in the picture is really cute… luckily it was not it that braved the long trip. In any case, I’m pleased to report that the packet and the content safely landed on this side of the pond (=England). The trip started long before (see Off to Britain post).

Oh, post for me!?

Mistery, mistery.. what will be inside?

Mistery content....

….. knitting needles …from Canada!

Nova Scotian birch needles

Nova Scotian birch needles

Oh, wait… they’re not alone… a jolly creature is emerging from the paper….

...and then a jolly creature emerged from the paper Hello, pleased to meet you

“This place looks rather different from where I was born. I wonder where I am.”

mh, I wonder where I am

“Let me explore around. This place is really old style… and what a strange accent people have.”

There are Smarties here as well :)

“Mum, be reassured, I arrived safe and sound. I’ll try to make new friends 🙂 Love and Liefs”

Love and Liefs

Thank you, Johanna, I loved your surprise and the new friends you sent me ♡ Judith


6 thoughts on “♡ Thank you ♡ Hartelijk dank ♡ Mille grazie ♡

  1. Flora Poste says:

    ♬♬♬ Graag gedaan♬♬♬ I am all too happy this little fellow made it across the pond and has become a good friend all ready. It was fun knitting him with your lovely yarn! Big hugs from Ohio!

  2. slippedstitches says:

    How totally cute!

  3. Isn’t Johanna wonderful? She’s how I found your blog!

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