Ravelry, I’m in! …and a bit of how-to for sharing projects

To be perfectly honest, I don’t tend to join in just because things are popular or everyone is doing. 

In this case, after living in perfect happiness out of the Ravelry world, I decided to join due to technical curiousity. I wanted to test some of the features and learn more about the related apps and widgets.

ItWasJudith is now on Ravelry!

ItWasJudith is now on Ravelry!
(feel free to add me to your friends)


I started with the usual set up tasks, like add yarn to stash, create a project and link it to a pattern page for others to see it, etc. 

Interestingly, I resolved a little technical riddle which I came across when reading another knitter’s post: how to share a link to your Ravelry project in a WordPress post without the readers having to be a Ravelry member. Basically you can allow the readers to see your project page without them having to log in into Ravelry first. 

I’m not entirely sure yet, but it seems that it’s not possible to share other people’s projects, unless you first obtain the share link of their project from them. That’s because when you check someone else’s project page, you’re not able to see the sharing details (like the “magic” URL that can be shared). 

A small example to make things clearer 🙂

I set up a project page for my Thistle scarf. I want to mention it in a blog post and share it with the readership, without the readers needing to log into Ravelry.

First, I go to my project page and set my project as available to the public; when this is done, it will show as “shared (public)” on the top right corner of the project page. Now I can obtain the project URL to be shared (what I called magic link in this post).  The magic link for my Thistle project is shown in the picture below as http://ravel.me/ItWasJudith/t1

my Thistle scarf project page

my Thistle scarf project page: note that the project is “shared: public” and the magic link is shown when you click on the “shared” icon

I have not tried to set up a pattern page myself (because I haven’t designed a pattern.. yet!), but generally linking to pattern pages doesn’t seem to require the reader to log-in. 

Would you like to share your experience and thoughts?


15 thoughts on “Ravelry, I’m in! …and a bit of how-to for sharing projects

  1. yarnbrarian says:

    Welcome to Ravelry! I can’t imagine life without it and I hope you learn to love it as much as I have. The advanced search features alone are wonderful. 😀

    It’s also great when you are considering a project (or having trouble with one) because you can look up other people’s project notes for that pattern and learn from them. You can also see what a particular pattern looks like in different yarn and colours which I find really useful and inspiring.

    You can’t share other people’s projects unless they’ve set them up that way because some people may not want to make them available to the wider internet (although with over 3 million Ravelers it’s perhaps a moot point).

    I just love how well the whole site works and how different sections blend so seamlessly. I’ve added you as a friend and I’m happy to answer questions if you have any.

    • itwasjudith says:

      Thank you for your warm welcome and tips!
      I’ll check my inbox and respond to your friendship 🙂

      You’re right, Ravelry offers many useful features! I think the stash one is amazing, it takes time to upload all but then you can have an instantaneous overview of it, when you need some yarn to cast on and also to search for yarn if you ran out 🙂

      In my case, the non joining in had more to do with the issue of enlarging the share of my life that is dedicated to virtual life (i.e. social networks etc) vs the time I’m doing things in the real world 😉

      • yarnbrarian says:

        Oh yes, that’s a very real problem! I’m not the only one who has complained about not getting enough knitting done because I’m spending too much time pattern surfing on Ravelry!

        The stash feature is great but I have given up trying to keep up with mine (partially because I’m historically a perfectionist when it comes to photographing things and I don’t have time for that these days. I’m very excited that they’ve recently added a fiber stash because I (and many others) have been hoping for that for ages.

    • itwasjudith says:

      you have 163 projects, omg, that’s truly impressive… respect!

  2. Febr12 says:

    I joined a while ago already, but I’m only starting to discover all the possibilities now and only started to become “an active user” recently.
    I have the feeling I can still discover much more about Ravelry. It’s the greatest community for knitters + crochet and it’s fabulous.
    Welcome to Ravelry!

  3. Martha says:

    I bet you will love this place – a paradise for knitters.
    I;ve been on raverly for a while but I’m not very active there – just come and go on and off – perhaps because I’m not a full-time knitter yet (got other hobbies to do and should really practise my knitting skills some more) but I believe this is a gold mine full of patterns, discussion groups, sharing and knit-alongs .
    It’s nice such place exists

    • itwasjudith says:

      You’re so right, Martha!
      I spent most of the day exploring and uploading projects and (part of) my stash…. i could spend days with that 🙂
      …I should log out now and prepare the dinner! lol

  4. Flora Poste says:

    Aloha Judith,
    I must admit…so far I was a happy knitter without Ravelry too. I found it quite overwhelming the few times I visited the site. I can see though how much fun everyone is having with it. I will keep this great poste in mind and I will study this again. Thanks for all the explanations! Hugs from Ohio.

  5. belesamablue says:

    I used Ravelry purely for patterns for about the first year or so after I joined…but the forums and groups are also a great source of info and advice (plus I found groups for all my TV shows and I was like yay, I’m home!)
    Welcome, and enjoy 🙂

    • itwasjudith says:

      thank you 🙂
      so far, I started to load (part of) my stash and the projects… haven’t tried the forums yet, except when i was searching for some tech info. Good to know!

  6. reWOLLuzza says:

    Welcome to Ravelry!
    This site was one of the things that brought me back to knitting a few years ago. There’s such a wealth of patterns, knowledge and great people willing to help one another out, I can’t imagine doing without it by now…
    P.S. Just added you to my friends list, if you don’t mind. 🙂

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