What does a mouse do with a £20 note?

Well, there are many mice in this universe and I cannot tell you what each one would do, but I can report on what the mouse I know has done.

Firstly, it went on a stroll through the local high street, where – by coincidence – there is a high concentration of charity shops.

While there, it thought that in winter there is a bad draft coming from the windows, and maybe this could be fixed somehow. Likewise, it is impractical to have needles here and there, and a little needle holder may be useful. Said mouse also has a liking for blue and red combined together – a bit like you would have in some folky/nordic patterns.

Thus, the mouse proceeded to purchase various material for making and upcycling projects. I was a bit puzzled by what the mouse could do with the things it got. I could not guess, so the mouse had to explain me. I wonder if you can guess? The mouse kindly allowed me to provide some photographical clues.





Image Image

And this one is not a clue, but simple evidence:

a little blue, white and red dress

a little blue, white and red dress

the little dress, front view

…and there is also some pale blue lining.

what a cool brand name

The brand is Happie Loves It. You cannot not love this.

As a little side note, I will inform you that it is customary in our household to blame a phantom mouse for any misfit – mostly involving culinary excesses, like having an ice cream in the night.


12 thoughts on “What does a mouse do with a £20 note?

  1. Flora Poste says:

    I think that mouse has an impeccable taste and an excellent brain for shopping and that dress is too gorgeous for words!!!

    • itwasjudith says:

      Good morning Johanna,
      You’re so very kind as always 🙂
      The mouse hadn’t gone on a shopping raid for a while, but the colours were too catchy to let them there. Some of them may be turned into useful items.
      And do you have any project ideas for the upcoming autumn season?
      Hugs, Judith

      • Flora Poste says:

        Well, I am (trying) to finish some knitting projects- I will poste about it, promise. However, I am a bit uninspired at the moment: I long for cooler fall weather but it is still a balmy and muggy 30C all the time. This weekend I am going to the Cincinnati Art Museum and get inspired and activated. And on the other end of the scale: I was having fun with whimsical potholders…maybe I should slip a fall theme in there?
        Please, Let me know if you have a good idea. I could do with some input;0) ♥Johanna.
        ps I love your ‘Global-excuse-for-shopping’ = it will be turned into useful items ;0) We must accept, all over the world, that items are useful when already enjoyed for the shape and color..I keep on telling myself too!

      • itwasjudith says:

        A good way to gain motivation back may be to start something that you would feel excited about – depending on your current interests, it could be something useful or simply some fancy thing, a small or a larger project, a colour that you like or a pattern. For me, the motivation usually comes from utility or a certain pattern that I’m in love with (i.e. the herringbone) or a technique/style (fair isle or lace). Though, these inclinations will vary in time, so maybe have a quick look at some pattern books or on Ravelry and let your eye be caught by some nice piece 🙂
        Alternatively, it can also work the other way round – if you have a particular yarn that you wish to use and then you will search for a suitable item.
        Maybe smaller projects are easier to get through, as it’s easier to keep interest and concentration on those.. and have a finished object!
        If you know what things you fancy at the moment, I can keep my eyes open for things that could be suitable 🙂
        Have a great time at the museum!

  2. Pia says:

    Can’t wait to see what you do with those shirts! 🙂

  3. Your mouse might know some of my mice! They decorate for Christmas, Lately, I’ve been writing down the songs they sing when they think no one is listening….

    • itwasjudith says:

      It’s great that they’re getting ready for Christmas, they sound like industrious, diligent mice 🙂
      I’d be curious to hear their singing!
      My mice is just pondering about anti-draft projects….what pattern to use, researching for inspiration…

  4. Forest So Green says:

    I love that dress 🙂 Annie

  5. […] today, I also thought about the upcycling projects using the charity stuff the mouse kindly got. I was battled between doing something I see fit and something that people may find interesting. I […]

  6. nwhite647 says:

    Mr Invisible has a similar effect in our house!

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