The small bag is almost a FO!

The market bag is nearing completion 🙂 I’ve knitted the upper part of its body and the green handles. Note the lifeline (safety thread) included just under the green part for possible unravelling need.

The small market bag is almost complete!

The small market bag is almost complete!
Can you start seeing the strawberry theme?

It still needs to have ends sewn in. I’ve also been thinking to add some leaves-like green bits, to keep in tune with the strawberry theme of the bag. Something like the small green bits that are on the crown of a strawberry (see picture below). What do you think?

Strawberry crown leaves

Strawberry crown leaves (source:

And once the project is complete, I will add a FO gallery to the blog. I have other small FOs that have not been documented yet.

I also added a few rows to the Thistle scarf, but not much – hence no pictures.

Finally, when this is done, I may have space for a new project (or two?)…. a large project (the herringbone thing from my previous post), the fractal shawl, a sweater, a smaller project? As usual, knitters have about a zillion ideas in their wish-list!


6 thoughts on “The small bag is almost a FO!

  1. Flora Poste says:

    I love it! It reminds me of those cute vintage purses from thirties. The strawberry idea is a good one: little white beads for seeds? Or red and green for Christmas and add a vintage costume brooch? A little bow of flowery fabric? Hmmm, that might be too girly;0) Ohoh, I better mind my own knitting and get something finished too instead of starting one project to the next. Thank you for inspiring the wandering knitter! ♥ Johanna

    • itwasjudith says:

      Thank you, you’re so kind 🙂
      nice ideas, thanks! the beads and the bow may be good for the strawberry theme. At some point, I had considered to include a little pass-through ribbon and bow , in the place where now it’s the lifeline thread. I’ll see whether I can easily source a suitable fabric/ribbon on a budget 😉
      I look forward to seeing some of your knitting, when you feel like sharing!
      hugs ♥ J

  2. You are a designer and and artist!

  3. Martha says:

    Juicy and fruity bag – well done!
    Now that you mentioned, I can see an analogy between the bag and the fruit 🙂

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