New WIP: a small market bag

As a little side project to the Thistle scarf WIP, I’m giving a go at knitting a small market bag.

I picked up a random yarn that I had laying around, with the aim of just knitting and see whether anything decent would come out of it. The yarn, turned out to be actually nice, much more than originally anticipated: it’s a Stylecraft Loop the Loop in Ruby, a boucle wool made in the UK, 96% wool 4% nylon – really soft and squishy… it feels like petting a sheep!

I only have two 50 gram balls and may run out before completion – as an emergency plan I intend to complete it with a plain wool yarn in a similar shade from my stash. I also just found out by searching online that there may be some old stocks of this discontinued shade available out there.

In the excitement of starting the new item, I forgot to check the needle size requirements: it just turned out that I ought to have used 8mm (US11) needles, but I used 4mm instead…. (eye roll)

The bottom line is that the project is just a tentative work: it may get completed and look nice, or may not. I’m approaching this WIP with a bit of zen attitude 🙂

The photos I took of the WIP do not render the colour in any way, it’s not at all orange-y as it looks in the pictures. The real colour is THIS COLOUR.

small market bag, WIP

small market bag, WIP

I look forward to seeing the result. Fingers/toes/paws crossed!

PS I’m considering buying the same wool in another shade.. it just feels so great… look at this one: Loop the Loop in cream

Stylecraft Loop the Loop yarn in cream

Stylecraft Loop the Loop yarn in cream (source:


3 thoughts on “New WIP: a small market bag

  1. ScrapAndSalvage says:

    looks so squishy and cozy! love the color, too!

  2. […] may remember the small market bag I started a few days ago; maybe you also recall that I only have had two balls of the Loop the Loop […]

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