About fabrics, haberdashery and patterned skirts (Old Spitalfields part 3)

Let me introduce the items of the final part of this mini-journey through my most recent troves: it’s all about haberdashery this time.

We start with a rich piece in a deepest brown background and orange details. It bears similarities to some folk patterns like these ones: Vintage Apron with Folk Design, Russian folk art bowl and spoon. I could imagine it as a decoration to pieces as those featured in this Kate Davies’ post on traditional knitting patterns (especially the Estonian ones) and in another on ’70s embroidery. Enough with the talking, here are some pictures..




Then, there are two lighter trims, featuring respectively a forget-me-not and a heart pattern on simple cream backgrounds, as well as a nice fish-scale border.


IMG_0734 IMG_0733

That’s it for this short series…!

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