About fabrics, haberdashery and patterned skirts (Old Spitalfields part 2)

As promised, here is a post about my other recent “troves”. Some of the photos are fuzzy because of the late afternoon poor light, sorry for that.

First things first, I’ll start with some actual items, that is some skirts that I fell in love with because of their patterns (and colour schemes). They may be restyled at some point, though I still haven’t worked out the details – pondering stage in progress.

The first skirt features a check pattern in dark blue, rich red and tan beige. I love the colour combination, but the style may need some adjustments, as its length is not really suitable to an average height person like myself (tongue-sticking-out face). It would be lovely to wear with a grey blue outfit, matt tights and powder blue ballerinas (blue? what a surprise…). The fabric is rather thick, cotton corduroy like. Here are some pictures – disclosure: colour rendering didn’t work out at its best, please activate imagination mode:


Next, another skirt in a completely different style: flowery and light pattern, silky-like fabric and knee length, definitely something more for springtime (weather permitting). Its motif captured my eyes (poppies are very popular where I come from, see this post from the National Geographic) and the colours are simply adorable. A light-hearted and happy style that calls for warmer days. [are those poppies or wild roses?]


We now move on to the fabrics section. Both are small-ish pieces, but it wasn’t enough a good reason to leave them (wee grin). The first fabric is a dramatic rich red roses on a black background, in cotton corduroy. The most accurate rendering of the colours is in the first photo; the orange-y tones in the subsequent ones are not correct.


The second fabric is a thick wool small piece, with heathery pastel stripes and a subtle herringbone texture. May be just enough for a simple A-line skirt (hope), which would go well with a high-collar minimal sweater like the one that I recently purchased in a heather pink pure wool.


The post is becoming too lengthy, I will put the remaining items in part no. 3 of this series… bear with me.

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