Vintage thread reels

The other day I came across some old thread wooden reels.. they looked soo nice that I couldn’t let them go – luckily the price was very reasonable, actually a bargain.

I have to sort them and take proper pics, but here’s a preview..


As a bonus, I got some assorted vintage thread in beautiful shades and also a wooden “mushroom” (see bottom left and detail picture below). Very happy!

the darning mushroom

6 thoughts on “Vintage thread reels

  1. Flora Poste says:

    Ha, I hear you! some things are already lovely just for looking at it. Can’t explain it but it gives a pleasant sunny feeling. Share your love for wooden spools, never saw the ‘mushroom’ before. Would like to see it better, whenever you have the time for a nice photo;o) Johanna

  2. Flora Poste says:

    Thanks for going through all the trouble!!Now I see what it is. I knew an elderly lady who had one and hers was actually painted red with little white dots: I loved it! In Canada/USA they are known too. Thrifty Dutch women though darned their socks over old cup!
    And do not worry for not having time: your posts are worth waiting for.
    Take care and big hug back to you!

  3. itwasjudith says:

    using (tea?) cups is actually a very smart idea, indeed 🙂 the mushroom painted in red and white sounds lovely, I had not seen one such, but it’s a nice traditional image, like those you see in gardens sometimes. Actually, now that I think of it, I had seen some fake red/white mushroom in a garden of a posh house when passing by some days ago – wanted to take a picture but then I thought of their privacy and left it. I have not tried darning yet, but have acquired some books where I hope to find some background knowledge and techniques. There is a blogger (a Dutch guy living in Brighton, UK) who has written a lot in his blog about darning and also offered workshops – maybe you know him? Tom of Holland is the name of the blog.
    PS sorry for being unreliable with posting at the moment, I’m just going through a moment of anxiety and can’t seem to concentrate on anything for long

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